January 04, 2005

The Sponsors

We are delighted to introduce the volunteer sponsors who are giving away prizes to the winners of Indibloggies 2004:

  • books.jpgRavishankar Shrivastava will give away books worth Rs.500/- each to the "Best Indic Blog (Hindi)" and the "Best new Indiblog". Thanks Ravi!
  • Jitendra Chaudhary will award goodies worth Rs.750/- each to the "Best Indic Blog (Hindi)" and Best Indic Blog in the language category that receives the largest number of nominations. He will also award goodies worth Rs.500/- to the "Best Indiblog". Thanks Jitendra!
  • Shanti Mangala will award a $25 Amazon gift certificate to the "Best Indiblog" at Indibloggies 2004. Thanks Shanti!
  • Anand M will give away a 1-year Typepad Plus subscription worth $120 for the winner of the "Best science/technology Indiblog" category. Thanks Anand!
  • Bradbury Software would award 5 licenses of FeedDemon 1.10 worth $29.95 each to the winners of the Best Humantities Blog, Best Sports Blog, Best Topical Blog, Best Photoblog and the Indiblog lifetime achiever. Thanks Nick :)
  • Microsoft, India will award one copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Hindi for the Best Indic Blog (Hindi) category winner. Do visit Bhashaindia.com where they are trying to promote Indian language computing on the Microsoft platform. Thanks Deepak!
  • Sidharth Sivasailam will award a $25 Amazon gift certificate to the "Best IndicBlog (Tamil)". Thanks Sid!
  • Blogjet will award one copy of its weblog client for Windows worth $19.95 to each winner of IndiBlog of the year, Indiblog with the best tagline and Best IndiPhotoBlog. Do visit their website. Thanks Dmitry!
  • Blogstreet will award a Gift Certificate from Amazon or Crossword to the winner of Best Group IndiBlog. Thanks Veer!

Thanks to all the sponsors from the bottom of our hearts :) Your gesture will surely add strength to the community.


Anonymous said...

When the hell does this thing start anyway? Get on with it!

Indiblogger said...

Who the hell are you? The mere fact that I have allowed anonymous comments does not mean that any-nameless-body comes here and "demands" things. Subscribe to this blog's feed or visit again, you will come to know when things move.

Amit Agarwal said...

Oops never knew about such awards.

wish i could nominate myself.

The Indian Blogger

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are YOU? You're the anonymous coward handing out "awards"

Anonymous said...

You owe to your readers, nominees & jurors - a definitive date for announcements - Jan 1 week is getting over now . Pl. look at how other international blog awards happen -in the blog world commitment to stick to adhere to time related promise is a must. Thx - pl. take it in the right spirit.

Indiblogger said...

>>You're the anonymous coward handing out "awards"
The best compliment we have got so far ;)

>> You owe to your readers, nominees & jurors - a definitive date for announcements
We agree with it. Remember that this is a pure voluntary effort. We have a day-time job as other jurors have too, and we contribute here when we get spare time. Schedules are thus tentative and subject to change. The process of finalising Jury was lengthy and we are still to receive nominations from 2 of the 12 member jury panel. Unless we are done with nominations we cannot obviously start voting. It's difficult to take things in the "right spirit" always, especially when we get bouquets like the one quoted above.

Anonymous said...

Thx - but a delay of a day or two may be fine but not like this. In repect of Jurors who have not submitted their nominations - ignore and go ahead with whatever nominations that you have. By waiting indefinitely,it is unfair to jurors,nominees who finished their job on time and to your readers. On the question of time,while one may understand ,these would have been factored in the schedule that you announced - to make the whole process look credible,annouce final list asap - In the blog world, delays are not generally acceptable - so go ahead and publish the final list with whatever you have got so far.

Ganesh S said...

a mailed to add my category in best design but no one added my link i dont knw if its really happening .

Kingsley said...

I'd like to sponsor a KITA to anyone who wins against me. Can you post that too?

Anonymous said...

Great job in setting up the IndiBlog Awards!

As a suggestion, it might be a good idea to have a critic's choice of Awards as well. It may or may not have prizes, but it might help to also name a critics' choice for each category. One, it would help to highlight quality that may not nescessarily be measurable in terms of votes. Two, not to take away from any of the blogs nominated, it is possible that the system is not fool-proof. There were certain comments that there might be certain issues with the voting system. To be fair to the blog(s) in question, this may not nescessarily have anything to do with the blogger(s) himself/herself. This is to merely point out that offering a critics' choice will help mitigate this problem as well.

I think 2004 has almost been 'the year of the blog'. These awards will help highlight this emerging trend. Excellent work rounding up sponsors, which I would imagine, is the hardest part. I think these awards will go a long way in highlighting the exceptional Indian blogs, of which there are quite a few.

Uncover Japan said...

Sounds good what about 2005?

Could you work with Best Blogs in Asia also? www.misohoni.com/bba/