November 15, 2003

A bad start, but not loosing hope

As far as our divya-drishti can see the effort has hardly generated any interest. Our gut-feeling tells us that the banana-effect has taken its toll, if its true, well, we can only say: bad luck of IndiBlogosphere. A point that we missed earlier and wish to jot here for reassurance is that the entire process of IndiBlog Awards would be democratic, with the automatic ballot machines and all ;) So every IndiBlogger (even non-Indians IndiBlog readers) would be eligible to suggest the rules, the categories for which blogs are to be nominated and finally, selecting the one that is unarguably the best in each category. The last phase would be implemented through a cookie based web-poll that would (hopefully) ensure that a voter votes only once for a chosen category. A word of reassurance again: We would have no say on the final selection process, that being automatic, even the poll software would not be hosted by us (infact we do not have any money to pay for hosting).

We propose to complete the process of nominations by this month end so that the voting may be started in December first week. As you might have expected, the polls would close on December 31st and the winners would be announced as soon as the year 2004 ushers-in.

To set the ball-rolling here are the categories we propose. Go ahead! Tell us if you wish to add more or strike out the ones given. Feel free to drop your comments here or better still, drop an email. This effort can only be successful with your feedback. We are also bloggers like you and were pained to bitter banana. Our view was, if bitterness can provoke, sweetness would kill. As we said earlier, what we have is an eye for appreciation. Those are multitude of pairs of eyes that belong to you fellow IndiBloggers. We hope you understand that we have nothing to gain from this effort. Lets utilise this opportunity to foster mutual appreciation among the IndiBloggers and recognize the talented from amongst us.

  • IndiBlog of the year: The best IndiBlog overall

  • Best Music IndiBlog: IndiBlog writing a lot or entirely dedicated to a musical cause.

  • Best Sports IndiBlog: Given our madness over the sport we doubt it would be a blog on any other sport other than the Cricket.

  • Best Technology IndiBlog

  • Best IndiBlog directory

  • Best tagline of a IndiBlog

  • Best IndiBlog about IndiBlogs

  • Best topical IndiBlog: IndiBlogs with a definite topic other than general/personal, music, politics, computers and technology.

  • Best designed IndiBlog

  • Most humorous Indiblog

  • Best New Indiblog: IndiBlog started in the latter half if 2003 i.e. on or after July 1 2003.

  • Lifetime achievement: IndiBloggers who have been blogging at least since January 1, 2002.

  • Best IndiBlogger (Male)

  • Best IndiBlogger (Female)

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