November 19, 2003

Call for Nominations

So the moment has arrived. The Indiblog awards solicits your nominations for the First IndiBlog Awards 2003. Please add you nomination(s) using the comments links against each/any category. We know, you may have to click more than once if wish to add many blogs in different categries, but believe us it will be an worthwhile effort. Alternatively you can email us your nominations. From our earlier post you would notice that we have added two more categories on Best Hindi/Regional IndiBlog.

Note: These are only "nominations", actual "voting" for each category based on these nominations would begin on December 1, 2003. Please nominate as many eligible/worthy IndiBlogs, you know of, this would add to the healthy competition. If a blog that you think should be nominated to a category has already been nominated by someone, perhaps there is no need to re-nominate it, just make a mental note and vote for that blog when the Polls begin. Also, try finding and nominating an eligible IndiBlog for a category which might have attracted lesser number of nominations or no nominations at all. For each category one blog will be treated as a single entry despite of multiple nominations.

Nominations close: November 30.

  • IndiBlog of the year

  • Best Arts IndiBlog#

  • Best Sports IndiBlog

  • Best Technology IndiBlog

  • Best IndiBlog directory

  • Indiblog with the best tagline

  • Best topical IndiBlog

  • Best designed IndiBlog

  • Most humorous Indiblog

  • Best New Indiblog

  • Best Hindi Indiblog

  • Best Regional Indiblog*

  • IndiBlog Lifetime achievement

  • Best Male IndiBlogger

  • Best Female IndiBlogger

  • Best IndiPhotoBlog

* IndiBlog in any Indian language except Hindi/English.
# Being added based because no IndiBlog perhaps covers Music alone. So this category is for IndiBlogs that discuss Movies (Any language), Music and other art-forms such as Drama, Paintings, Poetry/Fiction.

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