June 23, 2004

Indibloggies 2004

Greetings! Nice to be back. We are gearing up for the 2004 ritual and would like to know what do you think should be the methodology this time. For e.g.: we are thinking of something on the following lines:

  • Make all blogs Listed at http://indianbloggers.blogspot.com eligible for the award (which means no "initial" nominations)
  • Appoint a 10-15 member Jury that nominates their list of blogs for each category (Any blogger should be able to apply for becoming a Jury member)
  • Compile the results of Jury voting, this list being the ones for the final nominees in various categories
  • Voting starts on the above list

Obviously, these are only suggestions, we also suggest removal of "Best Regional blog" category and introduce "Best language category" for each of the Indian languages. Do tell us which other categories should or shouldn't be there this time.

As usual, you can post your comments here or mail them to our new gmail account addressed to "indibloggies".


Anonymous said...

Good Idea!!
I am willing to sponsor Books worth Rs. 1001/- (Rupees one thousand one) for any of the award.

Ravi [raviratlami at gmail.com, 10.24.04 - 8:39 am]
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Anonymous said...

I am interested to sponsor one of your prize, I am still discussing this issue with my other friends so can not decide on budget at the moment.

Can u do me a favour, to just let me know about previous year's Prizes, it would enable me to make-up my mind and finalize ASAP.

Jitendra [jitu9968 at gmail.com, 10.24.04 - 11:48 am]
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Anonymous said...

1. The grammar on these posts is atrocious, as is the content of the answers to the FAQ. I believe there are quite a few people who "do care" about the identity of the owners of this blog. As with Bush and Kerry we are interested in who is running this show.
2. The tone of the posts are a bit condescending ... maybe you can watch that in the future.
3. Some of the links are inactive, please rectify asap.

sil [11.18.04 - 11:19 am]
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Indiblogger said...

Jitendra, Ravi: Thanks a ton for the initiative. We will get back to you over email.

Sil: Need we say that we are not here to teach others the "propah" English, so atrocious it may be - you will have to bear with it friend. We would appreciate if you could email us the rectified post and we promise we will upload it if it sounds OK. We have absolutely no idea as to where we sounded "condescending". In any case different people have different ways to interpret things. Can you also point out the broken links in your mail?