November 24, 2004

Indibloggies 2004: The Categories

Following are the categories for this year's Indibloggies, as you might notice few redundant ones have been removed and few anomalies rectified.

  • IndiBlog of the year

  • Best humanities IndiBlog #

  • Best sports IndiBlog

  • Best science/technology IndiBlog

  • Best IndiBlog directory/service

  • Indiblog with the best tagline

  • Best topical IndiBlog

  • Best designed IndiBlog

  • Best new Indiblog

  • Best IndiPhotoBlog

  • IndiBlog lifetime achiever

  • Best Group Blog

  • Best Indic blog *

  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Bangla
  • Malayalam
  • Sindhi
  • Kashmiri

* Blogs written using Indic (for example Devanaagri script for Hindi) scripts. These are languages we are aware of, if you know of any other language blogs, do nominate blogs and let us know.

# IndiBlog on Humanities (based on skill other than blogger's occupational or professional skills). Blogs covering/posting on Music, Movies and other art forms such as Drama, Paintings, Poetry/Fiction

A mishap notice: All our old haloscan comments are gone (archived, says Haloscan, not deleted) and this thread tells us that we should be a premium member to access them , so for the sake of sanity we are now gonna use Blogger's own commenting.

Jury Invitations: Few of the invitations are getting dispatched today, do check your mails. If you think you deserve to be a Jury member, drop a comment in the comments area without waiting for the mails, remember the final decision rests with us. Jury members must send their consent (to be a Jury) by the month end and must send their nominations by Dec 20, 2004. Details are in the invitations.


kichami said...

Hai: Namascar: I am new to blogging.I am a75 year old blogger who had been fortuitiously ( or is it by divine grace!)brought into the world of Bloggosphere.I read with enormous interest the awards part of blogging and certainly it is a tonic for Geriatric bloggers.But pl let me know how to contact indibloggies to be included in their list and get my next chance as a sponsor.
My blog is http://earlydays.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

For the next awards, why not have a category on best 'social service blog', or something similar, for those blogging on voluntary efforts.

Anonymous said...

How about a Food Blog Award...

armilu said...

Hi there! Nice to know that such an award exist for Indian bloggers. But I am dissapointed that there is no blogging for many of the media blogs that exist in India. Why cant there be a Media blog award.
Hope to listen from you.