November 25, 2004

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Jury

Here is the list of the bloggers (in no particular order) who have consented to be members of the Jury who would nominate blogs for Indibloggies 2004. Many Jury members have also indicated the categories they are interested in, but we thought it best not to limit them by publishing their choices here, lest they change their mind later on.

  1. Nitin Pai (painn at hotmail dot com)
  2. Shanti Mangala (shantim at gmail dot com)
  3. Pankaj Narula (pankajnarula at gmail dot com)
  4. Nilesh Chaudhari (mail at nilesh dot org)
  5. Divya Manian (divya at nimbupani dot com)
  6. Mahesh Shantaram (msram at techrose dot org)
  7. Anand M (anandm at mvps dot org)
  8. Ravishankar Shrivastava (raviratlami at gmail dot com)
  9. Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan (chandrachoodan at gmail dot com)
  10. VeerChand Bothra (veer at blogstreet dot com)
  11. Prashant Mullick (mullickprashant at gmail dot com)

A Note for Bloggers: If you think you blog deserves a nomination to Indibloggies 2004, you may write to any of the Jury member directly (please do not flood multiple Jury members with your requests) requesting a dekko along with with your Name, Blog Name and URL and the category you want the blog to be nominated for. You would agree, however, that the final decision on whether your blog would be nominated or not rests with the Jury member, given the limitation on the number of blogs s/he can nominate for any category.

Note for the Jury members: You are expected to:

  1. Send us your consent to be a Jury (and for publishing your name and email ID on this blog) on or before 30 November, 2004. We would be publishing name of the Jury members in this post with their email IDs.
  2. Select atleast 5 categories to nominate blogs for (those who are well versed with any Indian language apart from English would do good to select a language category). Remember that you may nominate blogs for all the categories but no less than 5 categories.
  3. Nominate a maximum of 3 blogs per category (order not important) on or before 2031 December, 2004. Nominations must include a short justification on why you nominated the blog. The last date is absolutely important and we regret that we would not accept any nominations received after 2031 December, 2004.

Jury members would find the sites related to the Indiblogs very helpful if they just want to skim through many of them. Make sure to take a look at the “Links” menu at this blog for links to such websites/blogs.


Anonymous said...

What? No French judges? Whom do I bribe then?


<a href="">Shanti</a> said...

Patrix, I accept PayPal ;)

Indiblogger said...

Oh too late to have read this, Patrix we accept Money orders too ;)

my-ponderings said...

Do you accept American Express?