January 23, 2006

Indibloggies Slogan competition results

Indibloggies TeeYes, one more result was to be announced and that’s the winner of the Indibloggies T-Shirt Slogan competition. Thanks to all the participants for the interest shown. We received lot many entries, and Sakshi and me were unanimous in selecting the winning entry submitted by Nazim Ur Rahman, “I am a Blogger. Need I say more?” Congratulations Nazim! You won yourself a T-Shirt that you designed :) Thanks a lot Sakshi for sponsoring the T-shirts and for suggesting this competition.

Congratulations again to the winners at Indibloggies 2005 edition who would be sent the T-Shirt once they let me know their Tee size (the T-shirt shown here varies from the actual gift, which would be a Beige round neck Tee).

Hey, you can get this Tee too.

Yes, if you wish to get this beautiful Indibloggies T-Shirt and proclaim proudly to the world that you blog, you can buy it from us. This superior quality Black Panther Indibloggies Tee is being made available to you, thanks to Sakshi, at a special price as follows.
  • Indibloggies Collared Tee (Beige color): Rs.275.00 per piece (courier charges extra at actuals)
  • Indibloggies Round-neck Tee (Beige color): Rs.225.00 per piece (courier charges extra at actuals)

To order your T-Shirt send us an email at indibloggies at gmail dot com with a subject “Tee Order” mentioning the size, type, quantity and your complete postal address. Once we get your details we would let you know the total price (inclusive of courier charges for your area, or To-pay charges if applicable) and you may pay either through online money-transfer or a Demand Draft.


Sabarish said...

Is it possible to order the tee with our blog address also printed on it? Ofcourse for an extra cost.

Anirudh said...

Sabarish's suggestion is interesting. Would it be possible? Our blog address or blog name or both?

Debashish said...

Sabarish, Anirudh: Sorry but no :( The prices offered by Sakshi are low as they are 'bulk' prices. Individual designs would cost much more and are not something that would interest me.

IMHO the slogan is quite catchy and sporting the indibloggies logo wouldn't be such a bad idea :)

Nazim said...

Wow.. That's a pleasant surprise!! I am checking out after a long time & its good to know that my 'slogan' has won!
Now, How do i get my prize? :) Will be happy to roam around wearin' it in Hyderabad!! :)

Debashish Replied::
To claim your prize Nazim, just email me your snail-mail address at indibloggies at gmail.

Saswati said...

Indianbloggies is a delightful read.......kudos to it!